Writing Samples

An excerpt from my comedy feature, Away From It All

Logline: A husband and wife seek to save their marriage with a child-free getaway but instead end up on the run from the law.

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A scene from my sitcom pilot, Chunky

Brief Synopsis: After failing in the big city, Kristen is forced to take a job at a small-town gym. Between mismanagement by owner Troy (a local football hero) and the overindulgence of gym clients at the Chunky Donut shop next door, Kristen has her work cut out for her. With everything riding on a weight-loss show challenge, Kristen must ensure overweight Ralphie from Chunky’s can pull out a victory.

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A scene from my comedy feature, Cooler Than You Think

Logline:  Awkward teenager Becca is determined to make the elite cheer squad and date the guy of her dreams.  But when an autistic boy agrees to help her analyze her way to popularity, nothing goes quite as planned.

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A scene from my Modern Family spec, “On the Menu”

Mitch and Cam decide to take a Vietnamese cooking class in order to connect with Lily’s birth culture.

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The Teaser from my Hunter’s Rig Pilot Episode

Brief Synopsis:  Out on the road, Hunter and Charlene are a big rig driving team, as well as a husband and wife with a complicated history.  The mysterious disappearance of their son three years ago remains unsolved, and the couple is determined to look for leads while driving cross-country on jobs.

Offering a ride to a nineteen-year-old girl in need leads to their involvement in a drug-related homicide case.  They must call upon friends for help when their precious truck is stolen.  In the process of recovering their rig, they find a clue that may be essential to locating their son.

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