Ticking Bombs and Success

It hit me!  Right before bed, like always.  (Had to jot it down so I could get to sleep.)  Inspiration for how to make a funny and tense scene even better.  I needed to add more dramatic irony, where the viewer/reader is wise to something before a character is, giving the viewer a superior position.  Like when we know a bomb is about to go off before the characters onscreen do, and we’re all emotional about it.  So I traded a surprise for some extra drama in this scene, and I like it much better.

In other news, I was happy to read an update on Kelly Oxford from her blog today.  She was the one featured in the LA Times article as an overnight screenwriting sensation who tweeted her way to the top.  In Kelly’s blog post today, she says that this has not been a quick ascent to the top; she has actually been working hard at this for 12 years, thank you very much.  I like how she offers the trick to her recent success: “Write.  Write and write and f*cking write and when you think you’re done and you hate everything you are writing you are almost halfway there…”

So…I’m off to write!


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