Stories From the Road

My family of five recently completed a 2000-mile road trip. I’m lucky to still be sane. Although I must say that the things you see along the highways and byways of America can be really humorous and inspirational. Especially for a writer. Here are a few of my observations that got me thinking…


Why on earth is there a city by this name? Love it. The name got my wheels turning about a TV pilot, entitled Chunky. Still pondering this one.


People still rock the mullet hairstyle in the Deep South. I witnessed it. Also I noticed some poor little girls with heads being entirely swallowed by giant bows. Their moms appeared completely unconcerned.


Flashy casinos are not limited to Vegas. They’re everywhere. Though I spotted some folks content to merely stake out a spot beside aromatic gas station bathrooms to play slots. Some of the billboard ads have small print at the bottom giving a hotline number to call if you have a gambling problem. I hear that if you call it, they immediately send a limo over to take you to the nearest casino. Ha, just joking.


Who would eat these slabs of heat lamp meat? You’d have to be pretty desperate. I suppose you could be swayed by an eager chicken mascot with outstretched wing, such as this one, offering up his family. His plea might go something like this: “Please, eat my meat. Won’t you like to nibble on my wife? It is my honor to serve you…my leg.” You gotta find laughs where you can on an endless road trip.


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