Short & Snappy

“Economical and evocative.”  Bitter Script Reader said that the ability to be this way is a necessary skill for script writers.  He, along with two other writers/professional script readers (Amanda Pendolino and Nate Winslow)  shared their insights on a twitter chat last night, organized by Scott Myers, of the Go Into the Story blog.  Another pearl of wisdom on this topic was Nate describing the bad scene description he sees in scripts as not visual, purposeful, necessary, or good.  This is timely for me, as I try to keep the current scenes I’m writing simple, yet engaging.

I read a related Wall Street Journal article today about bad writing that asserts, “Overwriting is definitely bad writing…”  Food for thought.

Oh, and I have to close with wisdom from Amanda Pendolino who said, “I WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE WOMEN, both as characters and on the title page.”  Amen!

(To read more, the twitter #GITSChat should be archived later on Scott Myers’ blog site.)


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