Save the Cat

I saw an interesting blog post today about the well-known Blake Snyder Save the Cat screenwriting books.  Save the Cat was the very first book on screenwriting I ever read.  I have a soft spot in my heart for it.  Even if it does sum up perhaps too tidily the craft of screenwriting, it was the aha! book for me that broke the code and made me think, “Maybe I can do that!”  My teen is taking a screenwriting course at her summer camp, and it turns out that  their text is Save the Cat.  I quickly handed over my copy of the book to her.  Then, I must admit, my heart skipped a beat.  I’m accustomed to having that little white book by my side.  I like to grab it and open to that comforting Blake Snyder Beat Sheet!

Which reminds me of another interesting article today from Slate.  Stephen Harrigan writes about being a B-list, made-for-TV movie screenwriter.  Very interesting.  He has some gems of widsom in there.  I like how he said that rules and structure can get you only so far before you end up with a script that’s “all skeleton and no heart.”  Also I like what he said about identifying what your story is about.  “If the movie was about one thing, it could be about many things. But if you started out determined to make it about many things, it would be about nothing.”


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