Perks of Being a Parent

Sure, there are times when I wish my life was less kid-centric. But Christmas is an awesome time of year to have kids. Making Christmas lists…trips to see Santa…decorating gingerbread men… It reminds me to appreciate all the kid stuff I get to secretly enjoy year-round.

Here are just a few other perks of being a parent…

Colored foamy kids’ soap… I “pretend” to use this Mr. Bubble-brand kid soap to set a good example for my daughter. But I secretly love this stuff.

Play Doh… This is therapeutic. I could squish it all day.

Sprinkles… Need I say more? As a topping for anything. You could get your kid to eat broccoli if you topped it with sprinkles. But I must admit, I love them too!

Picture books… I love the stories as much as my little daughter does. And the art in some of the kids’ books is so amazing. I just discovered a new favorite the other day. Now if I could just get my daughter to request it.

Swings… I’m so happy to have a kid to swing with. What a great excuse. If you haven’t swung in a while, I totally recommend it.

Crayons… I love having a coloring partner. Even before I had kids, I occasionally treated myself to a new coloring book and a fresh box of crayons. Coloring is almost meditative. And the smell of a new box of crayons? Ahhhh…

I think I just must be a kid at heart.


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