New Year, New Goals

How are those New Year’s writing resolutions going? Maybe you’ve already stumbled and feel like giving up on your new goals. Experts say to give yourself permission to slip up now and then. But maybe it’s time to take a second look at your writing goals.

Are your goals realistic?

Objectives should be small and achievable steps. It’s great to have an overall writing goal, but it needs to be broken down into smaller parts. If you have set your challenge level too high, simplify your objectives a bit. Allow yourself to succeed, but don’t go too easy on yourself. If you meet your goal quickly, make your next goal harder. If you find that you are lacking some skills that allow you to reach your goal, take some time out to build up those skills. Remember that all change must be gradual. Don’t expect too much from yourself at the start.

Do you have support?

Have you announced your intentions? Do you have friends or a group of other writers to talk to? There is nothing like making your goals real. A support system can help to keep you stay on track and stick with your plan.

Set yourself up for success.

Get your environment writer-ready. Turn off your distractions. You know what they are…

Keep it positive.

Make your objectives positive. Remember to reward yourself when you meet goals. It can be something small. And view the time working towards your writing as a gift you are giving to yourself.


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