Funny Drama

In honor of Nora Ephron, I was reading the When Harry Met Sally… script and watching the movie.  Gosh, I love that movie; there are so many sensational scenes.  One that really stood out to me in the reading was the scene in which a despondent Harry reveals that his wife Helen is leaving him.  He tells his guy friend Jess all about it, as they sit in the stands watching a football game.  There are some real zingers in the snappy dialogue, but the funniest thing is how the whole conversation is punctuated by Harry and Jess being repeatedly forced into participating in the “wave,” as Harry blathers on.  It was really a masterful choice of how to put a funny twist on the revelation of all this exposition.  This was a perfect example for me, because I’m trying to manage that very thing right now, putting humor into an otherwise somber moment within a comedy script.  I will miss Nora Ephron’s voice in movies.  She communicated so well the complexities in her characters.  She has left behind such a wonderful legacy.


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