Friends With the Urinator

“…You’re friends with the urinator!”  Yes. Yes, I am.  Knee-deep in potty training.  They never tell you in the parenting guides just much bodily fluid contact is part of the job description.  I’m not sure people would take this parenting gig if they knew.

I have to come to believe that “Pee on the Floor (POF)” is a new game of choice around here.  It must be pretty funny to watch Mommy hop up from her meal and run all around with towels and funny spray bottles.  I played POF with my older two, but somehow I forgot about it.  The rules are thus:

1) Hold the pee as long as humanly possible, amassing the largest amount you can.

2) Resist all suggestions to relieve yourself on a toilet or potty system.

3) Wait until Mommy is highly occupied or until the house has just been thoroughly cleaned.

4) Let loose and watch the fun begin!

Anyway, the floor is clean.  Nap time is nigh, and the writing will soon begin!


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