Finding the Time

Often I only have a few minutes during the day when I can finagle the time to write. Having been a parent for a while, I’ve actually gained some skills in focusing despite distractions.  Heck, I can even keep writing for a while with the kids fussing and fighting nearby.  I’ve got plenty of crafty parenting-from-the-chair techniques.  Plus now that I have teens, my precious late nights are no longer my own and are subject to interruption as well.  I really have to be good at dealing with interruptions around here.  So I was glad to see this article about how our creativity is not necessarily harmed by interruptions.  I found it pretty interesting.

On a related note, I also like this recent Jenny Avery scriptmag post.  She says we only need to set aside 15 minutes a day, rather than long blocks of time, to write.  Dedication to daily practice is what’s most essential, according to her.  I’ll buy that.  I have to say that I have accomplished an amazing amount of writing work in this past year, using whatever blocks of time I have each day.  Some days it’s hours, some days it is only minutes.  But I definitely believe the consistency of writing each day is important.  And like Anne Lamott says, we can always find the time for what’s important to us.  So if writing is important, then there’s a way to find the time.


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