Well, I’m working on the second draft of my comedy feature.  I decided to print the whole sheboodle out and take a gander at it.

It’s a good feeling to actually hold your writing in your hand and feel the weight of it!  Makes it all feel real.

Reading it through the print-out gave me some new insights that I didn’t notice while reading on the computer, specifically with scene transitions.  For some reason, I can see the transitions better when I’m watching the slug lines flip by in my hands.

I had a laugh-out-loud wrap-up planned at the end.  But I just decided that post-wrap-up and post-laughs, I need to re-visit my protagonist and have a quick emotional closure.  I have sort of a bookmark moment in mind. So I will be adding that in next.  Then I think I might have to work on something else for a while and come back to this after a little time has passed.  I’m sure I’ll have more changes when I come back to it in a week or so.


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