Emily’s Top 10 “Write Your Ass Off” Rules

1) Write what you don’t know, because who really knows shit?  How about write what you wish you knew, because if you want to know it, maybe so does someone else.

2) Do write about people you know.  Craft characters you either love or love to hate.

3)If you start to worry about your characters the way you do about people you care about, then you know you’ve got some worthwhile characters.

4) But don’t let your character off the hook, just because you like them.  They’ll understand.  It’ll be okay.

5) If you wait for inspiration, the right moment, or the best idea, you will be waiting forever.  Don’t wait.  It’s never the perfect time, so how about now?  Dirty dishes?  Laundry?  Eh, they can wait.

6) If what you write is crap, then you’re off to a great start.  Since if what you wrote looks fabulous to you, then you’re probably deluded.  You’ll learn a lot from the crap you write.

7) Don’t give up, because you can’t get worse; you can only get better.

8) The first time you let the words fall from your lips, “I’m a writer,” that is the moment you are a writer.  So go ahead and say them.  The world be damned.

9) Write something creative everyday.  Write for yourself.  Grocery lists don’t count, unless they are amazingly interesting and complex grocery lists.

10) You can fix it in the re-write.  Truly you can. Give it a week then look at it with fresh eyes. Be your own harshest critic, but your own biggest supporter too.  Screw the others; what do they know?  You’re the writer!


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