Different Strokes

I met with two writer friends last night, and we had a great chat about our current projects.  Plus I indulged in a sinfully delicious dessert – strawberry shortcake, yum.  Anyway, one friend had an interesting tip passed on to her from an accomplished writer.  This wise writer asserts that we all feel the need to edit as soon as our words appear on the computer screen.  Thus her method is to always put pen to paper in the initial stages of a project.  I tend to agree with that.  I like to collect my initial thoughts on paper, scrawl out a chicken-scratch outline, and then plan out an initial storyboard.  By the time I start typing on the computer, I have typically already put a lot of thought into things and feel ready to face my inner editor.

I’m not married to one particular method; I’m always willing to try something new, but the style I’m using has been working for me recently.  Everyone has their own particular ways of planning.  I’m always curious to learn about the different approaches people take.


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