Debating Debate

On my kids’ behalf, I’ve endured quite a few tiresome activities.  Withstood mind-numbing piano lessons, practices, and recitals.   Suffered through back-breaking sporting events (any bleacher = back-breaking).  To name a few.  Now as I develop my characters, I feel I must accept their weird foibles and interests, as if they were my own children.

So I have a character in this comedy screenplay, who I am sure would be interested in the debate team.  In fact, it would be the place for him to shine.  Reluctantly I have been slogging through boring high school debate videos and information about structuring arguments in a debate, etc.  Aaaaack!  I just cannot get into this.  Maybe I’m missing something, but it just doesn’t crank my tractor to see all this structured arguing and suppressed emotion.  I’d much rather see some real debate drama, “You’re a liar!” or “That’s wrong!  Wrong, I tell you!”

I am torn about letting my character have this activity that I know he wants and choosing something I already know more about.   Just like with my kids, I feel myself caving on this one…  I think I’ve run out of excuses.



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