Welcome Back to Oakwilt Elementary

       Oakwilt Elementary School A Dare Not to Discipline, Ain’t Great to Hate School   Dear Parents, Greetings Oakwilt Osprey! As Principal, let me be the first to welcome you back. First, an important reminder that we are a nut-free school. We ask that you respect the manifold allergies and sensitivities of our […]


Perks of Being a Parent

Sure, there are times when I wish my life was less kid-centric. But Christmas is an awesome time of year to have kids. Making Christmas lists…trips to see Santa…decorating gingerbread men… It reminds me to appreciate all the kid stuff I get to secretly enjoy year-round. Here are just a few other perks of being […]


Throw Out the Buttons

It happened to me after my youngest daughter came into our lives.  A re-awakening of sorts.  Up until then, I was pretty good at maintaining my façade of perfection.  Some might argue with this, but I felt like things were pretty darn orderly and organized with two kids around.  I initially expected the status-quo to […]


A Modern Nursery Rhyme

In honor of my kids going back to school and the hassle of getting ready in the morning, I just thought of this modern nursery rhyme.  (BTW, I don’t actually curse at my kids!) One two, where’s your damn shoe? Three four, don’t slam the door! Five six, pick up your shit! Seven eight, now […]


A Light Touch

I was at the park on a recent morning with my toddler.  Always ready for a challenge, she climbed up onto some raised stepping stone play equipment and reached for my hand. Cradling her hand gently in mine, I could feel the surge of power in her small body, as she managed adept little leaps […]


Friends With the Urinator

“…You’re friends with the urinator!”  Yes. Yes, I am.  Knee-deep in potty training.  They never tell you in the parenting guides just much bodily fluid contact is part of the job description.  I’m not sure people would take this parenting gig if they knew. I have to come to believe that “Pee on the Floor […]