Welcome Back to Oakwilt Elementary

       Oakwilt Elementary School A Dare Not to Discipline, Ain’t Great to Hate School   Dear Parents, Greetings Oakwilt Osprey! As Principal, let me be the first to welcome you back. First, an important reminder that we are a nut-free school. We ask that you respect the manifold allergies and sensitivities of our […]


Stories From the Road

My family of five recently completed a 2000-mile road trip. I’m lucky to still be sane. Although I must say that the things you see along the highways and byways of America can be really humorous and inspirational. Especially for a writer. Here are a few of my observations that got me thinking… CHUNKY, MISSISSIPPI […]

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Critically Acclaimed!

The Reviews Keep Rolling In… “I heard she was a writer, or something.” -a friend “She certainly spends a lot of time on the computer.”- her husband “Well, she got the format right.”- a fellow screenwriter


A Modern Nursery Rhyme

In honor of my kids going back to school and the hassle of getting ready in the morning, I just thought of this modern nursery rhyme.  (BTW, I don’t actually curse at my kids!) One two, where’s your damn shoe? Three four, don’t slam the door! Five six, pick up your shit! Seven eight, now […]


R U A Writer? Quiz

1. When you first looked at the title of this quiz, you thought: A.  This sounds like fun! B.  Why the heck can’t you write out “Are You a Writer?”  A title is not a text message! C.  Not another stupid quiz. D.  All of the above. 2. Walking down the street, a great idea […]


Friends With the Urinator

“…You’re friends with the urinator!”  Yes. Yes, I am.  Knee-deep in potty training.  They never tell you in the parenting guides just much bodily fluid contact is part of the job description.  I’m not sure people would take this parenting gig if they knew. I have to come to believe that “Pee on the Floor […]


Neck Braces Speak for Themselves

My recent research has me watching Spanish Soap Operas, Telenovelas.  Specifically “Un Refugio Para El Amor” (A Shelter for Love).  Even the title is funny.  Love the characters; they are totally over-the-top!  Too bad I can’t understand more of the Spanish.  Ah, but love is the universal language.  And neck braces speak for themselves.


Still Clumsy After all these Years

WAY BACK WEDNESDAY WARNING!  EMBARRASSING CHILDHOOD MOMENT AHEAD! Okay, I was talking about 6th grade yesterday, and it brought back a funny memory.  I just have to post my award-winning poem from 6th grade.  Even at that tender age, I realized (but perhaps a little too belatedly) that the subject matter was embarrassing.  Still I […]