He Said, She Said

Bad dialogue in a book or movie is like a sour note in a song. It separates you from the reverie of the story experience. So what is it about good dialogue that makes it good? A discussion on the Black Board forums got me thinking about this. Contributors to the discussion point out that […]


Welcome Back to Oakwilt Elementary

       Oakwilt Elementary School A Dare Not to Discipline, Ain’t Great to Hate School   Dear Parents, Greetings Oakwilt Osprey! As Principal, let me be the first to welcome you back. First, an important reminder that we are a nut-free school. We ask that you respect the manifold allergies and sensitivities of our […]


Tuning Up: Writing Voice and Opening Lines

Ahem. La la la la la la la. Pardon. Just finding my voice there — Good interview with Stephen King in The Atlantic about the importance of opening lines and having a unique voice. What is a writer’s voice? According to King, voice is more than style. It is what readers look for, above and […]


ScriptShark Gives My Screenplay a Thumbs-Up

ScriptShark recently gave a CONSIDER to my screenplay, Cooler Than You Think, and promoted it in their monthly Scouting Report. Nice to receive some recognition!


Honor Thy Character

There’s an interesting lesson for writers in the American Film Institute interview with Dustin Hoffman, where he discusses preparing for his role as Dorothy Michaels in Tootsie. Before production began for Tootsie, screenwriter Murray Schisgal asked Hoffman to imagine, “If you were born a woman, how would you be different?” Hoffman had make-up artists work […]


Dear Blog

Dear Blog, What’s up? Nothing much with me, thanks for asking. OMG except can you believe it has been one year since we started out together? You remembered, right? I knew you would. This year has been so great. I just had to write and say thanks. So… 1. Thank you, Blog, for keeping me […]


The Red Lighter

The silence of the room prickled my skin like chigger bites on a summer night. It’s a real wonder I managed to stay here as long as I did. Time and again, the teddy bear pictures on the wall had creeped their way into my dreams. Today, their lopsided gaze warned me to get a […]


How Embarrassing

I was reading an article by veteran T.V. writer Sy Rosen in The Writer magazine about how he turned the embarrassments of his youth into story lines. Sy talks most specifically about his episode for The Wonder Years, entitled “The Nose,” in which a high school girl finds confidence and social success despite her large […]


Child’s Play

If it feels impossible to get those creative juices flowing, it could be you’re dealing with a bad case of adulthood. Psychologist Alison Gopnick has discovered through her research that babies and children are more conscious thinkers than adults. (Hear her TED talk here.) Children, like little scientists, are constantly taking in and analyzing multiple […]


Editing Overload

I’m rewriting a feature and TV pilot project at the same time, and I must say I’m sick of editing.  I am so ready to move on to a new project. At times, it feels like it would be easier to start from scratch than to repair some of the problems I’ve discovered. Ugh. Griping […]