Thinking On Your Feet

On the first day of the level 1 improv class I’m taking, several of the other students mentioned better communication and confidence as their reasons for being there. Improv courses are not only for comedians. People are going to improv classes for all sorts of reasons. Companies and colleges are getting in on the action […]


Silver Linings Playbook, Subtext and Character Development

SPOILER ALERT: Movie Plot Discussed I highly recommend Silver Linings Playbook, if anyone has not yet seen it. One of the things I love most about the movie is the wonderful character arc of Pat, played by Bradley Cooper. The story (script by David O. Russell available here) allows us to experience his evolution, from […]


New Year, New Goals

How are those New Year’s writing resolutions going? Maybe you’ve already stumbled and feel like giving up on your new goals. Experts say to give yourself permission to slip up now and then. But maybe it’s time to take a second look at your writing goals. Are your goals realistic? Objectives should be small and […]


Stories From the Road

My family of five recently completed a 2000-mile road trip. I’m lucky to still be sane. Although I must say that the things you see along the highways and byways of America can be really humorous and inspirational. Especially for a writer. Here are a few of my observations that got me thinking… CHUNKY, MISSISSIPPI […]