Patience and Persistence

Writers must have thick skins and the ability to handle criticism. But what about outright rejection? We’ve all heard the stories of authors whose tenacity eventually paid off. This article says some recent studies found that rejection can actually increase creativity. That’s good news for those of us who are dealing with disappointments. And here […]


Character Quirks

I discovered that one of my main characters had been hiding an unusual fear. I’m so glad I realized this! Great conflicts and embarrassing moments are arising from the addition of this character quirk. Here are two sites to get you started with brainstorming about character traits: a character development quiz with over a hundred […]


Dialogue in Action – Wedding Crashers

I was just reading the Wedding Crashers screenplay by Steve Faber & Bob Fisher. The version in the link is obviously an early one. There were quite a few changes made before the movie was shot.  For example, the expanded character of Chazz Reinhold (played by Will Ferrell) was not yet added. In comparing the […]


Perks of Being a Parent

Sure, there are times when I wish my life was less kid-centric. But Christmas is an awesome time of year to have kids. Making Christmas lists…trips to see Santa…decorating gingerbread men… It reminds me to appreciate all the kid stuff I get to secretly enjoy year-round. Here are just a few other perks of being […]