A Four-Course Meal

Some great tips from John August and Craig Mazin on Scriptnotes, ep. 65 today. They talked about what they often find lacking in scripts and included suggestions for handling these shortcomings.  As Craig pointed out, you could almost get a film degree from online lectures such as this. They are indeed a valuable resource. I […]


Staying in the Zone

Imagine you are a pitcher stepping up to the mound. The pounding of your heart muffled only by the roar of the crowd. The batter waits. But just before the baseball escapes from your fingertips, the familiar suddenly becomes unfamiliar. You are overly conscious of your motions, your pitch flies wildly. You choke. A pitcher’s […]


Character Fireworks

There was a lively discussion on Scriptchat two days ago with guest Scott Myers. The topic was character-driven screenwriting. I joined in with the other busily-tweeting screenwriters near the end of the chat and was amazed at the great info flying around. On a related note, I have recently been discovering how a minor scene […]


In Honor of the Election, A Story

A New Beginning She startled awake and looked around, wild-eyed, forgetting for a moment where she was.  The flickering TV cast a cold light over the room.  One AM.   She hadn’t slept for long.  She lay on her back with her head tilted awkwardly on the hard foam pillow and gazed down at her belly.  […]


Scene Transitions and The Wedding Planner

John August and Craig Mazin took on the topic of scene transitions recently in Scriptnotes Ep. 61. They were inspired upon noticing a Terry Rossio-led discussion in the Austin Film Festival (AFF) listings. (To learn about Terry Rossio’s other AFF session, see my previous post.) While Terry Rossio calls the scene transition “the throw,”  John […]