Comedy Timing and James Burrows

I heard an interesting NPR interview in the car this morning, Making A Comedy Pilot? You Might Want To Call James Burrows by Neda Ulaby. The new CBS sitcom which James Burrows directs, Partners, airs tonight.  But Burrows is a veteran of sitcom writing and directing.  He has directed more than 50 pilots, including Cheers, […]

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Critically Acclaimed!

The Reviews Keep Rolling In… “I heard she was a writer, or something.” -a friend “She certainly spends a lot of time on the computer.”- her husband “Well, she got the format right.”- a fellow screenwriter


What Have We Got Here?

I’ve been looking over someone’s screenplay for ideas on how to re-work it.  As I was tossing around concepts, I began to realize that the simplest solution would be the best.  Simplest is usually best, right? My dinner plans this evening brought this home to me again.  It’s a Sunday night, and I always seem […]


Prep: Pen, Please

Writing Prep: I’m doing that right now for one of my projects, so this discussion on Go Into the Story was apropos for me.  I mentioned this recently – how I tend to do a lot of work in my head and in the form of tiny notes.  It seems like for me, too much […]


Starting with Characters

So, as mentioned in my previous post, authors often state how important they feel it is to develop characters before ever starting to write.  A scriptquack article says, “It should be impossible to know anything substantial about your story before you’ve defined the character that will be driving it.” I have been playing around with […]